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We open for dine in & take out.
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Racha's traditional Thai-style cooking embodies the joy of eating: fresh and flavorful, soft and crunchy, sweet and sour, spicy or mellow, hot to cool. Experience these and more in an incredible selection of satays, stir fries, curries, vegetables, soups, salads, and noodles. Thai noodles are our specialty: rice, egg, thing, wide, round, or flat. Prepared in many variations, they create taste sensations from the subtle to sublime. The variety
alone is unlike any other Thai dining experience.
Always prepared with the freshest ingredients and often with an emphasis on lighter fare.

Garlic, chili peppers & fish sauce(Thai salt) are used widely in Thai cooking. Although this can result in an intense spiciness, there are many surprisingly mild dishes in the Thai repertoire. Whatever the taste sensation, Racha strives for the authentic and traditional in preparation and ingredients. The result is a unique Thai dining experience.

Join us - and enjoy the food, atmosphere and
hospitality found here at Racha.

shutterstock_143389864 tomyum.jpg

"Tom Yum, the most popular and famous Thai soup"

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